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Blue strand is renowned with a tried and true reputation as a premium domestic winch line made in Canada. With access to local engineering and support. Resourcing and trouble shooting the right construction for our customers applications is part of what we do. This is why we are proud to offer Canadian made options as part of our complete line of wire rope options. Serving many industries for over four decades Diversified is proud to be a part of this offer to provide customers with quality and local Canadian support.

Diversified Chain and Rigging is proud to offer many years of technical engineering to its customers. Blue Strand wire rope is quality product in a world of winch lines proudly manufactured in Canada.


We carry various types of Blue Strand Wire Rope for all types of applications.

  • Drilling ropes and sandlines for oil exploration and service wells

  • Swaged logging ropes for lumber extraction

  • Excavator rope

  • Drill Line/Sand Line

  • Measuring Line

  • Non-rotating/Semi Non-rotating

  • Powerflex Winchline/Winchline

  • Specialty wire ropes

  • Galvanized wire rope/Galvanized strand products

  • Stainless Steel Cable

  • Rotation resistant wire rope

  • Crane Lines/Picker Lines