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"Knowing the regulations, requirements and obligations of the employer and employee ... are key to the beginning or enhancement of any rigging program."


Rigging Practice and Compliance Training Course and Seminar

  • Employers responsibility as per the Canadian OH&S Legislation   The legislation holds employers responsible to protect employee health and safety. This imposes a legal duty on employers and those who direct work and supervise to take reasonable measures and critical safety procedures to protect both employees and public safety.


"Diversified Chain and Rigging has made it our commitment to provide educational workshops in a world of rigging. In fact most accidents or incidents are preventable when proper care and use of rigging is clearly understood."







Training Seminar Course Outline

  • How it's Made
  • How it is Rated
  • What Makes Rigging Weaker
  • How it's Used
  • Company and Operator Responsibility
  • How to Inspect your Rigging Equipment
  • Regulations and Responsibilities
  • Understanding Working Load Limits
  • Proper Care and Use of Overhead Rigging
  • How and When to Inspect Rigging
  • Regulatory Parties and Responsibilities
  • Tie Down and Securing Loads
  • Implementing Rigging Programs
  • Webbing Usage and Training
  • Removing Equipment from Service




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