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"Balance the load! Unbalanced loads can put to much stress on one leg of multiple chain slings."


Wire rope and chain is how our business was built. Diversified offers  an extensive variety of option tailored specifically for all applications of wire rope and chain. As technology and manufacturing capabilities continued to improve adding more options to the market place, we can help to determine the best options for your application. Chain and wire rope are what Diversified Chain and Rigging has built its core products on. These include but are not limited to chain slings, tie down and deck chain, lashing chain, industrial bulk chains as galvanized chain or stainless steal chain from grade 30 chain, grade 40 chain, grade 70 chain, grade 80 chain and grade 100 chain. Of course when we consider what Diversified does best we need to talk traction and tire chain. Nordic tire chain has been developed in Canada for the most rugged conditions in mining, forestry, agriculture, oil and gas and military applications.

For more information on wire rope, there working load limits, how to inspect or choose the proper wire rope for your application see our wire rope products section.

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