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Platinum strand TM technology is a design specific wire rope to improve on the concept of conventional winch lines. It's not that the concepts of winch line is new, or that better design concepts are not being developed. In fact that the technology and ability to manufacture and produce the ideas have become  better. Platinum Strand has taken the short lay version of the winch line to a new level. Designed specifically for more support around the core with increasing resistance to crushing on the bottom wrap of a drum or around a tight radius. This concept is cushioned by a compact core to increase breaking strength while maintaining increased flexibility. Years of tried and true experience ,feedback and testing has allowed us to understand the applications for winch line specifically used in the operation of winching or load lines. Platinum Strand TM has been developed with many years of experience to not only provide an outstanding product in the market. To apply more representative testing and support. With better and more improved testing, simulation and practical field tests. Diversified chain and rigging is proud to announce many years of technical research to its customers. Platinum strand , a better concept in theworld of a winch lines. Very specific API approved factories and only those factories are approved and capable of making the design criteria. Anything less than the best of its quality would not be accepted. 

Platinum Strand Wire Rope

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