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Outstanding Features of "Powerflex TM"   
Longer Life:

Laboratory fatigue testing indicated that it is possible to achieve up to two time the normal rope life when compared to conventional rope of equal constructions.

Greater Resistance to Crushing:
The more solid cross section of the Powerflex TM rope offers much greater resistance to multi layer, drum and cross over point crushing than conventional rope of equal constructions.

Greater Resistance to Interference:
Abrasive wear between adjacent laps of rope which is normally most severe where the rope moves on and off the drum can be minimized by using Powerflex TM rope (it is a smoother rope).  As a rope of conventional construction spools, the wires rub up against each other causing premature wear.

Reduced Wear on Sheaves:
The smoother exterior of the Powerflex TM rope can reduce abrasive wear on both the sheave and the rope.

Powerflex TM winch line is a 6x36 construction that has been die compacted at the factory.  Some other companies are offering a 6x31 construction that make spooling on a small drum and training a winch line more difficult.

6x26 classification; 6x36 classification; 6x19 classification; 6x37 classes galvanized; 8x19 spin resistant; 19x7 non-rotating and 19x19 non-rotating swaged ropes.

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