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Types of Inspections

Initial Inspection:  Before any web sling or polyester roundsling is placed into service it shall be inspected by a designated person to ensure that the correct sling is being used, as well as to determine that the sling meets the requirements of the manufactures specifications.

Frequent Visual Inspections:  This inspection shall be made by the person handling the web sling or polyester roundsling each time the sling is used.

Periodic Inspections:  This inspection shall be conducted by a designated person.  Frequency of inspection shall be based on:
     1.  Frequency of use.
     2.  Severity of service conditions.
     3.  Experience gained on service life of web slings & polyester roundslings used
          in similar applications.
     4.  Periodic inspections should be conducted at least monthly.
Synthetic Web Slings:  Removal From Service
A web sling shall be removed from service if any of the following are visible:
     A.  If sling rated capacity or sling material identification is missing or not readable.
     B.  Acid or alkali burns.
     C.  Melting, charring, or weld spatters on any part of the web sling.
     D.  Holes, tears, cuts, snags, or embedded particles.
     E.  Broken or worn stitching in load bearing splices.
     F.  Excessive abusive wear.
     G.  Knots in any part of the web sling.
     H.  Distortion and excessive pitting, corrosion, or broken fittings.
      I.  Any other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the web sling.


Diversified Chain and Rigging - Brooks and Area, Saskatchewan and Alberta

Synthetic Web Sling Capacity and Inspection