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2010 Diversified supplied 410,000 ft of galvanized cable and chain that helped mobilize containment of oil booms along the Gulf Coast shore lines during the BP oil spill.

2013 Diversified initiated its procurement to design, manufacture and provide design specific wire ropes. Platinum Strand winch line is a trademark developed and owned by Diversified Chain and Rigging.

2013 Diversified begins procurement and bid process with defense companies to provide tire chains for medium support vehicles system .

2015 Diversified reserved its trademark for Platinum Lift Products. To continue its ongoing development for improving and providing associated rigging and lift products.

2016 Diversified becomes the recommend vendor, finalizes procurement and receives contract to provide tire chains for Canada’s MSVS program until completion in 2019 with five years of service support.




BP Oil Spill Cleanup Effort

DCR Assisted the BP Oil Spill Cleanup!
DCR Helped Mobilize and Contain!
We are there for our Environment!

Canadian Forces Chain Manufacturing

Canadian Forces Tire Chains
Aggressive and Rugged V Bar Chain
Unmatched Quality and Standards!
MSVS Chains